Date duration

I prefer longer bookings that include dinner and drinks, like we’re on a real date. Bookings end promptly at the time agreed. If the booking goes over, the extra time must be compensated.


My preference is to meet you at your four or five-star hotel. I only visit established clients in their homes. If you are located outside of zone two, I may ask you to cover travel. If you would rather I host, I will book a hotel and the price will be pushed up to accommodate this.


I have a busy schedule inside and outside of work so I recommend getting in contact ahead of time. Occasionally I accommodate same-day bookings, but be respectful by getting in contact early in the day (I need a minimum of three hours), writing a detailed enquiry, promptly screening and paying the deposit. If it’s very last minute, I might implement a same-day rush fee of £200.


You’ll need to provide a copy of your passport, driver’s licence or a screenshot of your LinkedIn page. I will not see you without one of these as I need to know who it is I’m meeting. This information will be deleted after we have met.

Payment and deposits

I require a 30% non-refundable deposit for all bookings which can be made by bank transfer or gift card. The remainder can be paid by cash or bank transfer on arrival.


Absolutely all of our time together must be compensated. If you would like to extend, in-date extensions are £300 an hour and must be paid before the extension begins. I will not see you off-the-clock or as friends, even for social activities such as concerts or shopping trips.


Deposits are non-refundable. If you need to reschedule, this is possible with more than 12 hours notice. Cancellations within 12 hours result in a lost deposit.


I expect my comfort and safety to be treated as a priority. If your hygiene is impeccable, you’re thoughtful and polite, the booking will be a pleasure. If the reverse is true or I feel disrespected, I will leave without refunding you. Your consideration must be given in an envelope on arrival. Dates longer than two hours need to include a meal and social element. Overnight bookings need to include 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep – uninterrupted sleep means no kissing me or touching me without my consent while I am asleep. For bookings more than 24 hours, I require my own room to ensure we get enough sleep.

Likes and dislikes

This is a topic best discussed in person, over a drink, not by email. But if you want some pre-date pointers, seduction starts before the bedroom. Set the mood with a polite enquiry and plan a thoughtful date.

I do not have a menu of services, the experience is spending time with me as a person – building a connection and seeing where that takes us.

That being said, for A-levels, please let me know when booking and add £500. Kinky bookings and role play are a bespoke rate.

Couples, threesomes and moresomes

I love couple and duo bookings. For couples, please add £500. If you’d like to organise a duo, I can get in contact with one of my friends or you may suggest a provider you’re interested in. Price matching the provider with the highest rate is the general etiquette.

Outfit requests

I don’t accept outfit or lingerie requests. I always dress feminine and go with whatever I am feeling that day. If you want to see me in something, please provide a gift voucher or bring it to the date.


While gifts are not expected, they’re always appreciated. Looking for ideas? I love lingerie, candles, books, wine, fresh flowers and jewellery.